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LED panels are a new and modern alternative to bulky florescent lamps, which even after all the modern improvements create archaic and tasteless ceiling lighting. Modern LED panels have an ultra slim frame with a thickness of just 1 cm, which makes it convenient to mount them to the ceiling since they use such a minimal amount space. The light emitted from the LED panels is smooth and continuous making the area comfortably lite. Mounted LED light panels can be recessed, suspended and they come in a variety of shapes and colours. The solution for ideal lighting of suspended ceilings are LED panels which are cleverly used with standard Armstrong or any other suspended ceilings and they create a solid and modern interior style. In other cases, the LED panels can provide tasteful effects to your interior for example when they are used to hang stylish cables and surface panels which helps avoid extra holes in the ceiling. With the completely finished LED technology product there is no need to purchase additional accessories since the power adapter is directly connected to the 230V network. Not only do we sell LED panels but we also advise our customers on the selection they choose and installation concerns. We welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have.